Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)

Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) can be very painful and debilitating. Recurrent urinary tract infections (UTIs) are common among girls and young women who are healthy and have anatomically normal urinary tracts, and these infections are a main source of morbidity and health-care costs in this population.   If not treated on time, they can cause serious complications. Recurrent infections can lead to pyelonephritis, Urethral narrowing, and Sepsis, so early diagnosis and aggressive treatments are essential. Many UTIs can be asymptomatic.

Causes and Treatment of UTI

           The main cause of UTIs is caused by the bacteria Escherichia coli which, is often found on the stool, so proper perineal hygiene needs to be the focus of education for this patient. Sulfonamides Antibiotics and hydration will be the first line of treatment for this patient in order to eliminate the bacteria and enhance the perfusion of the kidneys. Based on recent studies, many women presenting with symptoms of acute uncomplicated urinary tract infection are often prescribed antibiotics, however, in 25 to 50% of symptomatic women not taking antibiotics, symptoms recover spontaneously within one week.  A follow up urine culture is also necessary after the antibiotic treatment to reevaluate the effectiveness of the treatment. Promoting rest is also necessary to fully recover from a UTI.


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